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PFC Egg Donor Agency

PFC Egg Donor Agency

Pacific Fertility Center - Egg Donor Agency is a third party agency, established in 1993, dedicated to providing caring, ethical egg donation services. We understand that the decision to use an egg donor involves an emotional component as well as a medical one, and we maintain the highest level of discretion and support for both patients and donors. The Egg Donor Agency's experienced staff assists clients, locally and internationally, with the selection of and coordination with an egg donor and provides an exclusive service to patients served at Pacific Fertility Center (PFC).

What services do we provide?

The dedicated relationship between PFC and its Egg Donor Agency allows you access to an exclusive database of egg donors and helps make the process of IVF using third party services as positive and stress-free an experience as possible. We operate as a team to provide an efficient means for helping infertile patients achieve their life's dream of having a family. Our team incorporates dedicated physicians, embryologists, clinical coordinators, nurses, psychotherapists, and administrative personnel. We are all committed to providing excellent medical care in a sensitive, caring environment.

Our program offers you professional services and dedicated care as we bring you closer to your dream of being a parent. We are proud of having been an integral part of over 2000 donor/recipient cycles. At PFC, we can help you with all aspects of an IVF cycle with egg donation.

As part of our services, PFC's Egg Donor Agency can:

  • Assist with contractual agreements, which define the responsibilities and obligations of the agency/donor and agency/recipient.
  • Administer donor expense disbursements.
  • Offer discrete, caring and supportive handling of the process.
  • Coordination of all donor's travel and appointments.
  • Provide a web based donor database to make the selection process as private as possible.
  • Provide an extensive, diverse database from which to choose your donor.
  • Provide a database of pre-screened donors. The screening includes:

Exclusive, In-House Egg Donor Registry

For your convenience, we offer an online donor database that is available to current patients and in a more limited form to prospective patients as well. The online database provides valuable information about the donor, such as personal history, education/occupation, medical history, motivation, as well as family health and genetic history. The online database is easy to use, providing a convenient drop-down menu, allowing intended parents to narrow down their search accordingly to match specific criteria.

We recognize the private nature of the egg donor selection process. Our Web-based donor database enables patients to search in a secure and user-friendly environment.

Getting access to our online database is easy. Just call our New Patient Coordinators at 1-888-834-3095 and one of our staff members will assign you with obtaining a username and password.

Our ethnically diverse database is comprised of an extensive number of potential egg donors. Many of these young, healthy students and young mothers are drawn to the program by empathy and altruism. What is important to remember with any donor however, is while there may not be a "perfect donor with perfect genes," there are many healthy, young women who care and want to help. We encourage Recipients to enter the program with realistic expectations but with the optimism that this successful next step in the conception process promises.

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