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Established in California in 1993, the PFC Egg Donor Agency is dedicated to providing caring and ethical coordination services for donor egg recipients.

Diversity and Selection at PFC

One of the Nations Largest Egg Donor Programs

Pacific Fertility Center - Egg Donor Agency is a third party agency, established in 1993, dedicated to providing caring, ethical egg donation services. We understand that the decision to use an egg donor involves an emotional component as well as a medical one, and we maintain the highest level of discretion and support for both patients and donors. The Egg Donor Agency's experienced staff assists clients, locally and internationally, with the selection of and coordination with an egg donor and provides an exclusive service to patients served at Pacific Fertility Center (PFC).

PFC patients can access detailed information on each fully screened donor. Our donors are from all ethnicities, with varying physical characteristics, educational backgrounds and creative talents.

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Introducing the Pacific Fertility Egg Bank

Frozen Donor Eggs: A More Affordable and Convenient Option

Using frozen eggs provides:

  • High success rates
  • Immediate availability
  • Convenient scheduling around your busy life
  • Reduced costs of treatment

Pacific Fertility Egg Bank

Pacific Fertility Center has two egg donation treatment options available:

Fresh Egg Donation Cycle

A fresh egg donation cycle allows patients to experience the cycle simultaneously with the donor. Donor and recipient are synchronized and will receive treatment at the same time. Recipient will receive all of the donor's eggs that are retrieved at egg retrieval. Eggs will be fertilized to create embryos for either immediate transfer, or embryo biopsy (for embryo chromosome testing) and cryopreservation.

If you are interested in a fresh egg donation cycle, please visit PFC Egg Donor Agency.

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Frozen Egg Donation Cycle

In a frozen donor egg cycle, egg donors are stimulated and all mature eggs are vitrified (frozen) before the donor is added to the database. Once you make your donor selection through the Pacific Fertility Egg Bank, your cycle planning can start immediately. With frozen eggs you will not need to be synchronized with your egg donor, which provides more flexibility for planning your cycle and embryo transfer. Pregnancy rates using frozen donor eggs are comparable to a fresh egg donor cycle.

To learn more about the Pacific Fertility Egg Bank, or to select frozen eggs, please visit the Pacific Fertility Egg Bank.

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