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Egg Donor Program Fees

In collaboration with Pacific Fertility Egg Bank, Pacific Fertility Center (PFC), is pleased to offer two distinct donor egg options for patient’s family building needs; frozen donor eggs or fresh donor eggs.

Fresh Donor Egg Program

Patients interested in using fresh donor eggs can choose between experiencing the cycle simultaneously with the donor or having the donor complete her stimulation cycle before planning an embryo transfer cycle of your own. Some advantages of having the donor complete her stimulation cycle prior to planning an embryo transfer include embryo testing (preimplantation genetic testing also known as PGT), embryo banking for future pregnancy attempts, or simplified planning for those with busy schedules.

Pricing for fresh egg cycles have two fee components, the donors' in-vitro fertilization stimulation cycle as well as an egg donors' agency fees (e.g., donor compensation, travel expenses, etc.).

There are many variables to consider when calculating pricing for a fresh donor egg cycle. Please contact our new patient department for more information on fresh donor egg pricing.

Frozen Donor Egg Program

Our frozen donor egg programs start at $19,615, considerably less than the cost of using fresh donor eggs. You may view our frozen egg program here or contact our new patient department for more information.

Additional fees not included:

  • New patient consult, including ultrasound ($375)
  • Precycle labwork (generally covered by insurance)
  • Frozen embryo transfer – "FET" ($2,845 - $4,460)
  • FET medications ($300 - $600)
  • Ongoing tissue storage costs ($750 / year)
  • Any relevant Third Party fees
    • Sperm donor fees
    • Gestational carrier fees
    • Agency fees

Please note the following:

  • Fees may be subject to change without advance notice. For updated fees, please call our office at 415-834-3000.
  • The PFC Egg Donor Agency program fee is paid by the Intended Parent at the time an egg donor is chosen.
  • Recipient pre-cycle assessment and IVF treatment fees are separate fees payable to the Pacific Fertility Center clinic and may in part be billable to the recipient's medical insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences in cost between fresh and frozen donor egg programs?

In general, frozen donor eggs are more affordable than fresh donor eggs. Using fresh donor eggs requires the intended parent to select an egg donor for a stimulation cycle. Once the egg donor is selected they will be brought into the fertility clinic for screening, stimulation, and egg retrieval. Not only does this require logistical coordination, but it can also require that the cycles of both the egg donor and recipient be synchronized via medical induction. This process can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to complete and sometimes even longer if you are planning a fresh embryo transfer and will need to synchronize your schedule with the egg donor.

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