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Learn about egg donor pay and compensation for time, effort and expenses at Pacific Fertility Center.

When you opt to become an egg donor at Pacific Fertility Center, you're providing intended parents with the opportunity to build a family. This is a tremendous gift, and the PFC Egg Donor Program highly values our egg donors' generosity. That's why we are pleased to offer top egg donor compensation along with many wonderful additional benefits!

Egg Donor Compensation Schedule

Donor compensation at the PFC Egg Donor Agency starts at $10,000 for one completed cycle. Repeat donors can generally earn as much as $60,000 for up to 6 cycles. Donors with specific backgrounds may be eligible for higher levels of compensation.

In addition to top cycle compensation of $10,000+ PFC Donors receive:

  • An egg saving benefit on your 3rd donation to our frozen egg bank
  • Free fertility medical exam & genetic testing
  • Cash bonus upon acceptance into the program
  • Additional compensation when you refer friends who are accepted into the program

Helping Others Fulfill Their Dreams

There are many reasons for a woman to choose to become an egg donor. For many egg donors, the act of helping others fulfil their dreams of building a family can be more rewarding than monetary compensation. At Pacific Fertility Center, we recognize that it is our donors' dedication to this process that drives the success of our program, and it is important to us that our donors receive top compensation for their time, effort, and great generosity.

Fulfill Your Dreams with Egg Freezing

PFC Egg Donor Agency is proud to offer our dedicated donors a complementary egg saving benefit, also known as "Fertility Preservation", as part of their third egg bank donation cycle. Eligible donors will be offered the option of having PFC save a portion of their "cryopreserved" eggs from their third egg bank donation for their own personal use.

Egg Donor Compensation FAQ

Should I donate my eggs for money? Are there other reasons?

While Pacific Fertility Center provides top compensation for egg donation, this is not the only compelling reason for choosing to donate your eggs. Most women that consider egg donation come to this idea because they want to have a profound impact on the life of others. For many, it is a joy to know they played an important role in helping someone realize their dream of having a family.

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