Egg Donor FAQs

Do you need donors with my ethnic background?

Yes, we have clients from all over the globe and seek a donor database that is equally diverse. We welcome every type of ethnicity.

Are some egg donors in more demand than others?

Let us start by saying that we have a demand for women of all ethnicities, academic achievements, and creative talents! Currently, Indian egg donors, Asian egg donors and Jewish egg donors are in very high demand. Egg donation has surged over the past two decades but the supply of Indian, Asian and Jewish egg donors has not. Difficulty in finding Asian, Jewish and Indian egg donors can be attributed to complex cultural attitudes, as well as marketing and demographic limitations. Among Asian Egg Donors, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Egg Donors are in highest demand.

Do you have height or weight restrictions?

Our medical board has guidelines which are set up for health purposes, not superficial reasons. The standards are reasonable so most women will fall into the established ranges. 

Do I need to send original photos?

You will need to submit photos but the photos do not have to be originals. We ask that you upload or submit:

  • clear and flattering photos
  • head shots and body shots
  • photos from all stages of life
  • pictures of your children (if applicable)

You may upload up to 10 photos in .jpg format or .tif format (.jpg is preferred). If you are not able to upload photos please send original photographs and we will scan them in and send them back to you immediately.

How many times will I have to come to San Francisco?

We will ask you to come to our clinic for screening appointments and then the cycle monitoring and retrieval. We estimate that you will need to travel to our clinic between 5-10 times. 

What if I live out of town?

For egg donors that live out of town or state, you will have to travel to our clinic up to three times. The third and final time will be for your egg retrieval and plan to stay for about 1 week.

What if I live out of the country?

We do not currently accept donors that live outside of the United States. Applicants must be permanent residents with valid Social Security numbers in order to qualify.

What if I was not born in the United States?

Any applicant that was born outside the US who is a current citizen or has a valid Social Security Number is eligible for donation; with the exception of those that have lived in certain European countries during a specific time period. Please contact the PFC Egg Donor Agency for more information.

How much are egg donors paid?

The fee paid to egg donors for completing a donor cycle is $10,000. If you have any questions regarding the fee paid to egg donors, please do not hesitate to contact us. There are many reasons for a woman to choose to become an egg donor. For many egg donors, the fee paid is not the main reason for egg donation. Rather, the satisfaction of participating in the miracle of life is the greatest compensation paid to egg donors. 

Is egg donation taxable income?

Yes. Compensation for egg donation is considered taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service and the PFC Egg Donor agency is obligated to report this income to the IRS. You will receive a 1099 tax form at the beginning of the year after your egg donation so that you can report your earnings and pay the appropriate taxes. It is best to discuss your taxes and income with your tax preparer so that they may properly advise you on all filing options.

What expenses do you cover?

In addition to the fee paid to egg donors, you will receive an expense stipend to pay for expenses incurred during your donation cycle. For egg donors that will be traveling to San Francisco via airplane, EDA will arrange and pay for your airfare and lodging.

Is there parking at the clinic?

Yes, there is a parking garage at the rear of the building, another one across the street, and plenty of metered parking on Francisco and Montgomery Streets. 

Can I be registered with other egg donor agencies?

No. If you become a registered egg donor with PFC, you must close any files you have at other egg donor agencies. This is a requirement of all donor agencies. This eliminates the possibility of two intended parents simultaneously selecting you as an egg donor. 

How many cycles can I do as an egg donor?

An egg donor can complete up to six egg donor cycles.

How long does the egg donor cycle take?

The donor selection and egg retrieval process takes approximately 2 - 3 months.

Do I need to have proven fertility?

No, it is not required that you have proven fertility, i.e. you became pregnant, suffered a miscarriage, had an abortion, or delivered a baby. 

How do people choose an egg donor?

The factors intended parents consider are varied and personal. Some are looking to match physical characteristics with their own or some may be more interested in finding donors who share similar interests. For some, ethnicity is important. For instance, if a couple comes from an Asian or Jewish background, they may want to search through our database for Asian egg donors or Jewish egg donors first. For others, intelligence and special interests may be important criteria.

Why do I need a pseudonym with the PFC Egg Donor Agency?

In a world where Facebook, Google, and other social networking sites can provide a wealth of information with just a simple click of your mouse, we are striving to further protect the anonymity of our donors with the use of pseudonyms. While it is already difficult to locate someone based off of a first name, picture, and limited information, we feel it is important to add another layer of security for our donors by providing you with a pseudonym.

While PFC Egg Donor Agency has asked you to share detailed information about where you live, go to school, and where you work, we only share a very general version of these subjects in your public profile that Intended Parents will view. We do not disclose the city you live in, the names of any colleges you have attended, or the name of your employer. Without such specific information, we are confident that it would be very difficult for someone to locate you through the Internet.

While we are confident it would be difficult to locate you, it is always possible that with technological advancements and the growing number of social networking sites that it may not be impossible. Here are some suggestions for steps you can take in order to protect your personal information and identity;

  1. Do not use a nickname that friends or family call you as your pseudonym.
  2. Always use your pseudonym for anything relating to egg donation.
  3. Change your privacy settings on all social networking sites so that only people you know can see your personal information and pictures.
  4. Do not post any photos on the Internet or social networking sites that are being used in your donor profile.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about donating your eggs or the security of your personal information please do not hesitate to contact us by email or call us at 415-834-3075.

Do I have to meet the recipient(s)?

Our donor program prides itself on protecting our patient identities. Complete anonymity is important for many of our patients and donors. In some cases, having the option to meet is a desired part of the process. Meeting the intended parent(s) can help donors feel complete in their decision to donate and reaffirm their decision to help the intended parent(s) in their journey during this delicate and intimate process.

Our program offers the opportunity for donors and intended parent(s) to meet after a selection has been made but prior to the start of the stimulation cycle. These are supervised meetings facilitated by our Marriage and Family Therapist and only coordinated if both parties wish to meet. Some may feel concerned that by meeting they will be giving up their anonymity or signing on for a long-term relationship. While it is true that you may be able to identify each other in public, there is no identifying information shared during the meeting (no last names, addresses, college names, etc.)

This gives you a chance to meet in-person while still keeping a comfortable level of anonymity.

It is very important that you complete the application as thoroughly as possible and provide quality photographs of yourself. The intended parent(s) appreciate all the information you can provide.

Are there any side effects to the medication?

Some women experience no side effects while others suffer from heightened PMS symptoms (breast tenderness, bloating, etc.) While every woman has an individualized response to some degree, significant side effects that may interfere with routine daily activities are rare. 

Do I need to abstain from intercourse for the entire three month process?

No, we only ask you to abstain from sexual intercourse during the time you are injecting the stimulation medication and then directly following the retrieval, approximately three weeks. You will be extremely fertile during this time frame.