Egg Donor Testimonials

The Donor Experience

At the Pacific Fertility Center Egg Donor Agency, we work with a diverse group of egg donors of various races, religions and cultures. Irrespective of background, many of our egg donors say that contributing to the miracle of life through egg donation has been one of their most rewarding experiences. Some of our egg donors have graciously shared their egg donation experiences at Pacific Fertility Center Egg Donor Agency. Please read about their experiences with the testimonials below.

I cannot recommend PFC enough!

"My experience with Pacific Fertility Center has been a positive and rewarding one. Through all four of my donation cycles, I felt informed, respected and very well taken care of. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help others achieve their dreams of becoming parents. I cannot recommend PFC enough!" - Testimonial from London -PFC Egg Donor

Priceless gift to give a childless couple

"After five successful egg donations with Pacific Fertility Center, I’ve become very comfortable with the process. Egg donation is a serious commitment but it’s also a priceless gift to give a childless couple. I feel so honored to have been chosen to have this pivotal role in creating new life. The staff at PFC are the top of the top in this field. I really can’t say enough complimentary things about the entire team; they are like a second family at this point - I’m glad I chose to take this journey with them. " - Testimonial from Lynn - PFC Egg Donor

Grateful for the opportunity

"Being an egg donor has significantly impacted my life in such positive ways! I never imagined how my eyes would be opened to this world, and I am so grateful for the opportunity PFC has given me to help other families through egg donation." - Testimonial from Misty - PFC Egg Donor

Hopeful to donate again in the future

"I enjoyed working with PFC for my donation. They made everything simple and easy for me, and were always there if I had any questions. I’d be happy working with them and hope to more in the future." - Testimonial from Connie - PFC Egg Donor

A memorable experience

I am truly grateful to be a donor of a reputable agency like PFC
"I am truly grateful to be a donor of a reputable agency like Pacific Fertility Center. The customer service I received was truly superb. I appreciate how they made me feel like I am part of the family. If I ever had any questions, they were quick to respond to my needs. The staff was very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Thank you PFC for a memorable experience!" - Testimonial from Elise - PFC Egg Donor

Excited to donate again

"I am very pleased with the whole experience. I can’t wait to do it again! Everyone was very kind and helpful! The best part was receiving a letter from the Intended Parents. I feel so blessed to be able to help them and seeing their appreciation is an indescribable feeling. I want to thank everyone for the great experience and can’t wait to see you all again." - Testimonial from Anonymous - PFC Egg Donor

This has been a life changing experience

"Becoming a donor was scary and exciting at the same time. I had done my research so I had an idea of what I was going to be doing and what was going to be happening to my body, but you can't know the full experience until you try it. My first time donating I had difficulty injecting myself with the hormones because of my fear of needles, but I very quickly built a tolerance. I had hardly any symptoms at all and it really didn't hurt like I thought it would. My first time at the clinic I was in aw of how beautiful it was and how friendly all of the staff was. Everyone was smiling and you could tell that they all loved their jobs, which was important to me.

I was also lucky enough to meet the intended parents (of course no personal information was shared), which was one of the most memorable encounters of my life. While I was walking down the hallway to meet this couple, I was shaking with nerves and my mind was racing. I was scared they wouldn't like me or I wouldn't like them. When I walked in the room, I could tell they both felt the exact same way. One of them was shaking so incredibly hard, I had to hug them. Right at that moment I knew this was going to be one of the most incredible things I'd ever done. We talked and laughed and it felt as if I had known them forever and we were all just friends catching up. Meeting them and knowing how grateful they were just made the whole experience that much better.

The day of the actual harvest, I was once again terrified. Luckily my mother was with me so she helped calm me down. The procedure went very quickly and I woke up feeling fine. I had minor cramps and bloating but nothing horrendous. I rested for a short while and then was discharged (which was when I received my check). I spent the rest of the day resting and felt great the next day. Shortly after I returned home, I received a call from the agency letting me know that they had a successful pregnancy. I can't fully describe the feeling that I had at that moment. I overjoyed and excited and so happy for that couple that I knew I would love to do it again. So I did. I have now just finished my second cycle and everything went just as smoothly as the first time. I did not get to meet the intended parents this time, but it was still worth it. Just knowing that I helped or at least tried to help someone start a family is worth it to me.

Overall, both experiences were wonderful. I absolutely love the staff and would definitely donate again. This has been a life changing experience and I wouldn't change a single thing about it. I would recommend donating to anyone who is capable and willing because you are granting someone's wish and creating a miracle, and that feeling is unbelievably satisfying." - Testimonial from Jamie - PFC Egg Donor

I never felt alone

"My entire experience as an egg donor was amazing. I felt very blessed to have the unique opportunity to provide a wonderful, deserving couple with my eggs. Giving my recipients the chance to become parents to a healthy baby was my privilege and I would gladly do it again. PFC upheld their reputation for being the best agency in the US. The staff is professional, well-trained, friendly, and always helpful. I never felt alone in this process. The entire PFC team is like a family. I felt safe and comfortable and everything was taken care of when I needed anything. I can’t wait to hear the outcome…my prayers are with my recipients every day; like I said, this entire process was awesome." - Testimonial from Lynn – PFC Egg Donor

New hope for a childless couple

"I had a wonderful experience with your program. From my first phone call asking about becoming an ovum donor to my final checkup, I was treated with kindness and professionalism. Lori and the others were patient to answer all of my questions, as were the staff members at Pacific Fertility Center.

Becoming an ovum donor was not a small decision for me . . . I was convinced of the ethical and medical soundness of the program before I went forward with it, and I was not disappointed. I quickly became used to the shots, and experienced only mild side effects (moodiness and bloating). It was exciting to see my body respond to the treatments as I daily got closer to giving my recipient the opportunity to bring a new life into the world.

It's such a neat feeling to know I have helped to give new hope to a childless couple. My recipient is pregnant and besides the birth of my own children, I can think of few things more satisfying than making a major contribution to the happiness of another." - Testimonial from Clair - PFC Egg Donor

A mother shares the joy

"I love my children so much and I figured if I can share a part of me, why not? All those eggs would be wasted anyway. My oldest daughter is a stepdaughter and I love her as much as my own daughter. The biological part is not so important for me, so the idea of having a child genetically related to me somewhere in the world did not trouble me.

At first my husband was skeptical. After he saw how much I wanted to do this he got behind it. The money has helped to pay off our bills but the best part of it has been the good feeling I have helping a couple have a family.

Everything they said would happen did. I gave myself the shots (Lupron) and once I got over the initial fear, it didn't bother me. During the first cycle I felt some dizziness on the hormones and during the second cycle I didn't feel any effects.

The couple wanted to meet me but I didn't want to. I knew that this was all for a good cause and I didn't want to be personally involved. This has given me a better outlook on everything. I used to take things for granted but now I appreciate everything." - Testimonial from Cindy - PFC Egg Donor

Childless by choice

"My participation in this process could almost be described as a spiritual experience. My husband and I have chosen not to have children of our own due to career choices. I suppose that I may change my mind someday, but it is clearly not an option now. I intend to be in law school in two years, and combined with a full time career it will be impossible to have a marriage, a career, school and children. Since there are now three children in this world with my genetic endowments, I no longer have to feel that I have not participated in the greater meaning of life. Although I will have no part in their lives or development, a little bit of my family heritage and myself will be passed on through them. This pleases me greatly. I also derive a great deal of pleasure thinking about the endless possibilities for their futures.

I suppose many women might feel left out not knowing what happened to their biological offspring. I do not. I am happy knowing that their parents tried harder than anyone else I know to bring them into this world. I am satisfied that individuals with that kind of determination would do whatever they have to do to become excellent parents.

My experience as an ovum donor has changed my life in many positive ways. I cannot think of one negative aspect of the process that would have caused me to change my mind. I would recommend the experience to any woman with an open mind to the benefits of such an enlightening experience." - Testimonial from Kelley - PFC Egg Donor

I knew I needed to help

"I can remember the day I decided to make the phone call to PFC to inquire about becoming an Egg Donor. I was so excited at the idea of “making some money”. It took me about a month to work up the courage to complete the application and return it with my pictures. I kept thinking who would want to receive my eggs? Maybe I was too short or too blonde? I was also worried about who would see my pictures/profile and if they would recognize me or know someone in my family. It was not until I learned about a couple who was having a hard time trying to conceive their first child that I knew I needed to help by donating my eggs. Their story broke my heart, because I had always assumed that getting pregnant and carrying a child to term was supposed to be easy. After hearing their story, I knew that I needed to do something besides “making some money”. I spoke with my family and asked for their support and then returned my completed application.

It was only a few weeks later that I heard from a PFC Egg Donor Coordinator, Bridgett. Instantly I thought, ‘how lucky I am to be chosen by this couple!’ Bridgett was so professional and took care of all the details for my initial cycle.

I soon realized what a big issue this was when I agreed to meet the first recipient couple. They were just as anxious as I was about the experience, but when they told me their story something bonded between us and by the end of the meeting, I knew there was a greater reason for why I was donating my eggs. I saw how much it meant to them and I was surprised by how much it affected me. I walked out of the meeting knowing something wonderful was going to happen and I was lucky to be a part of that process.

Before the first recipients selected me, I thought that PFC worked only for the benefit of the parties wanting to get pregnant. It was only after my first cycle donation, that I realized how much I received from the experience. The experience changed how I looked on life and how precious the gift of life is. All I could think about was how I “flushed” away my eggs every month because I was not ready to start a family of my own and how precious those eggs are for some people. Words cannot describe how amazing it felt to help others, with something that seemed so small and was ‘flushed’ away.

In the beginning, I was full of mixed emotions. I was very excited to meet the PFC staff and start my first cycle. Yet, I was nervous about the process and how it would affect my day-to-day life. But every member of the PFC was kind and professional, and put me immediately at ease. I was apprehensive about needles but I decided I would administer all of the shots to myself except the HCG shot. Surprisingly, I found that it was an easy experience. The medications were gentle on my body and the side effects were very minimal. There were no outward indications that I was going through the egg donation process. The worst side effect was minor bloating towards the end of the cycle.

At every appointment, the entire staff was amazing and so supportive. I had decided to take my mother with me for support for the last appointment and retrieval. When we left the procedure she turned to me and said she was so proud at what I was doing and that she wished that she had done something similar. It was then that I felt I was making a difference in the world. The actual retrieval was so easy; I think the worst part of the process was having an IV inserted in my hand. The best part was the Retrieval Nursing Staff, Ann, Olga and Carol; they made me feel like I was so special. The way they treated me made me feel like I was a part of a unique club. I knew that I wanted to do more after that first cycle. With each cycle, the process seemed easier. The staff began to remember me and always made a point to remind me how appreciative they were for my donations.

It was just a few months ago that I finished my last cycle (6th), and I was full of mixed emotions when I left the final retrieval. On one hand I was excited that I could help another couple. But on the other, I was sad because it would be the last time I donated and the last time I would see the staff at PFC. Throughout all six of my cycles I had the privilege to get to know the staff and Doctors at PFC. I would recommend PFC to anyone in need of their services or wanting to become an egg donor. The staff is the most remarkable group of individuals. Their professionalism exceeds what you would expect to receive. They change lives and make dreams come true for everyone involved!

Donating your eggs requires you and your family to be selfless and unconditionally giving of yourself. You must not connect with the idea of a child in the world with your features, rather you must see it as a gift you have given to a deserving couple. To be an egg donor was an honor that I will always hold in my heart. The feeling you get from helping others is more of a reward than you will ever realize." - Testimonial from Anonymous - PFC Egg Donor

Willing to meet children

"I didn't have any emotional problems with the ovum donation. I get much joy from my own child and it feels good to be able to help someone else.

At first, I was afraid of the shots. Lupron didn't bother me much but the gonadotropins were hard. I gave the shots to myself and got used to it after a while. I felt uncomfortable after the first ovum retrieval -- tired and I had some cramping and spotting. The next day I felt fine.

I have told many people about my ovum donation and everyone's reaction has been positive. My husband is an adopted child and I know he wonders about his birth parents, which leads me to wonder if the ovum donor children will wonder about me. I will think about them and hope that they are happy. I would be willing to meet them if they wanted so they wouldn't have to live with a mystery." - Testimonial from Roberta - PFC Egg Donor

Second donor cycle as wonderful as the first

"My second cycle has been as wonderful as the first one. Therefore, I decided to be an egg donor for the 3rd time." - Testimonial from Elena - PFC Egg Donor

Positive experience with PFC

"From my initial encounter with PFC, through the retrieval procedure at PFC, every staff member expressed kindness, respect, and a sincere interest in the well being of her or his clients and donors. The staff's professionalism certainly helped make my experience as an ovum donor a positive and satisfying one. However, it was being a part of making a family's dream of parenting come true that was truly an honor.

Although the communication I had with the recipients was limited to conversations through PFPC staff, I felt as though I formed a special relationship with the prospective parents." - Testimonial from Ellen - PFC Egg Donor

Life-altering... worth the shots

"I am very happy I was able to participate in such a wonderful and life-altering program. The excitement of overcoming the odds of the recipient getting pregnant was well worth the daily shots, side effects, etc. I am honored to have helped two families. Best wishes to everyone else involved in the program… both as donors and recipients." - Testimonial from Cristina - PFC Egg Donor

Maximum cycles... starting own family

"I was a culinary student looking on the Internet for a part time job to help pay for tuition when I stumbled on the possibility of donating my eggs. I liked the idea of being able to help someone else while helping myself. The center was conveniently located and I could still work during the process. It seemed like a win-win situation.

It took me a while to think it through. I came to realize that there were a lot of people who needed this kind of help. After a while, I talked it through with some of my friends and discussed it with my mother. She was very supportive and helped me fill in the family medical history part of the application.

My first experience with Pacific Fertility Center was positive. I was struck by how welcoming they were. I was very curious to discover more about the whole process and they were happy to answer all my questions and to be sure I understood what I was agreeing to do.

Once I was selected as a donor, I learned how to give myself shots. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might be. (That part never really bothered me.) The doctors and the nurses were always ready to answer questions as they came up. After donating a few times, I think I met every one of them.

The actual cycles were easy for me except for occasional periods of grumpiness. I was able to maintain my work/class schedule. They really tried to work around my schedule and make it as easy as possible for me. I loved how friendly everyone was. I became friends with the nurses. We were on a first name basis. They were always asking me about my work and if I ran into them outside of work, we would stop and talk.

The best part of being a donor was receiving the thank you notes and flowers. You realize how important your contribution is for people who can’t get pregnant using their own eggs. It felt great to discover that 5 out of 6 got pregnant with my eggs. I really feel like I was able to make a difference in someone’s life. I would definitely recommend becoming an egg donor to others.

After donating the maximum number of cycles, I have now “graduated” from Pacific Fertility Center’s Egg Donor Agency. I miss the friends I made at the center, but am happy to report I am pregnant and starting a family of my own." - Testimonial from Anonymous - PFC Egg Donor

Making a difference

"Don't give up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to truly make a difference in someone's life. The gift is immeasurable and the reward everlasting!" - Testimonial from Leah - PFC Egg Donor