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50+ Years of Combined Experience

Our Egg Donor Agency team offers the winning combination of an experienced compassionate support staff dedicated to providing individualized care in a supportive and relaxed environment. Intended parents and egg donors will receive excellent treatment and top quality fertility care.

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Our egg donor program offers secured, private, online access 24/7 from the comfort of your own computer. Whether you are interested in becoming an egg donor or searching for an egg donor, our online egg donor database is easily accessible when it’s convenient for you.

Introducing the Pacific Fertility Egg Bank

Frozen Donor Eggs: A more affordable and convenient option

Using frozen eggs provides:
High success rates
Immediate availability
Convenient scheduling around your busy life
Reduced costs of treatment

Diversity and Selection at PFC

One of the largest egg donor programs in the United States

PFC patients can access detailed information on each pre-screened donor.

Our donors are from all ethnicities, with varying physical characteristics, educational backgrounds and creative talents.

Visiting Northern California

Egg Donors from around the country LOVE coming to PFC

Our goal is to ensure a pleasant and relaxed experience. Let us take care of you and make traveling to the San Francisco Bay Area for your cycle a breeze. Donate your eggs with Pacific Fertility Center and enjoy everything our beautiful city has to offer while making a difference today!

Learn about the Pacific Fertility Egg Bank, the first frozen donor egg bank in Northern California.

Apply to become an egg donor with PFC, and our board certified doctors and staff will guide you through the process of egg donation, step-by-step.

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Established in California in 1993, the PFC Egg Donor Agency is dedicated to providing caring and ethical coordination services for fresh donor cycles.

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The Pacific Fertility Egg Bank offers frozen donor eggs with high success rates and immediate availability with significantly lower overall cost.

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Becoming an Egg Donor in California

Become an egg donor with PFC, located in Northern California's San Francisco Bay Area. Our board certified doctors and staff will guide you through the process of egg donation at our agency. We provide donors with emotional support as our on-site counselors are well-attuned to the psychological aspects of becoming an egg donor. The PFC Egg Donor Agency facilitates anonymous egg donors, and offers optimum egg donor privacy, safety and confidentiality. Traveling to San Francisco, CA from out of town is easy and for local residents, we are conveniently located near the Bay Bridge, accessible from East, North and South Bay Area communities including Berkeley, Oakland, Marin, San Mateo, San Jose, Sacramento and Stockton. Learn more about PFC's egg donation agency and how you can apply to our program and become a donor!

Learn About the PFC Egg Donor Agency

Located in Northern California’s San Francisco Bay Area, the Egg Donor Agency at Pacific Fertility Center® is a leading egg donation program for egg recipients around the world. We maintain a diverse egg donor database including Jewish egg donors, Asian egg donors, and a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities. Our egg donation agency is unique in that we are an in-house egg donor agency, with our program being part of the prestigious Pacific Fertility Center®. PFC is a leading infertility clinic specializing in ICSI, IVF-in-vitro fertilization, PGD-preimplantation genetic diagnosis, egg donation, embryo and egg freezing, and other advanced female and male infertility treatments.

Pacific Fertility Egg Bank

The Pacific Fertility Egg Bank provides a large selection of frozen donor eggs for immediate use by patients who are unable to achieve pregnancy using their own eggs. As the first donor egg bank of its kind in California's San Francisco Bay Area, we are able to offer patients a timely and affordable option to help create their families. The use of frozen donor eggs, as confirmed by published studies, is completely safe and shows no increased incidence of birth defects in babies born from embryos derived from frozen eggs. Added benefits of using frozen donor eggs include lower egg donor cost, immediate availability and complete flexibility in the treatment. Several members of our team are pioneers in the development of egg freezing techniques, and the Pacific Fertility Egg Bank is the culmination of their decades of work and experience.